ARC Analytics

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ARC Analytics is a powerful operational reporting tool that supports performance-based management and continuous improvement across all aspects of the airport’s operations.

It enables the collection of data from multiple sources, in real-time or at periodic/seasonal intervals. The data can then be validated, prioritised and merged to give a rich set of performance indicators.

Using live surveillance data from ground radar or ADS-B systems, ARC Analytics can use geo-spatial data to gather metrics not automatically recorded by other systems. It can also record and output full time-registered aircraft tracks for replay in standard third party tools.

The module is scalable for any size operation or number of users and has the flexibility to cover either flight or terminal operations.

Typical pre-configured reports can cover:

  • Arrival and departure delay analysis
  • Runway occupancy
  • Taxi times
  • Scheduled runway demand and actual throughput
  • Passenger flow numbers
  • Queue times/dwell times
  • Occupancy

ARC Analytics supports:

Live reporting. Current performance (e.g. over the last hour) can be monitored.
Scheduled reporting. Automatic reports can be set up on daily, weekly and monthly schedules.
Post event analysis. Historical data can be used to identify root causes of problems such as delays or long queues.