ACDM web

The Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) solution within ARC is made up of a number of modules for maximum flexibility and scalability.

By taking a modular approach, a solution can be configured to support anything from a simple data sharing portal for a small operation, to a full A-CDM solution suitable for EUROCONTROL accredited processes.

The modular building-blocks of the A-CDM solution can be used together or can integrate with existing tools. This means that it can complement legacy infrastructure to help reach the next level of collaborative operations.

There are five modules within the A-CDM solution:

Groundview. Live ground movement information from airfield surveillance provides operations staff and others with an accurate picture of aircraft and vehicle activity. The information is delivered through a web interface for ultimate flexibility and portability.

Flightview. This is a flexible platform for sharing information on flight data and locally defined milestones in the arrivals and departures process. It can be used as a simple collaborative way to enter and share a Target Off Block Time (TOBT) between stakeholders.

Pre-Departure Sequencer. The best use of runway capacity for a given demand can be achieved with this sophisticated optimisation tool. It uses real-time data to enable controllers to keep delays and taxi-times to a minimum.

Adverse Conditions and De-Icing. This specialist tool enables operations management and staff to maintain the optimum use of available resources even in constrained operating conditions.

Turnaround Manager. Based around a simple but logical task flow, this ensures critical path tasks are completed on time or flagged promptly if this is not the case. The module supports ground handling and optimises the turnaround process with a robust, mobile application tailored to the local procedures.