F6 Series

  • Dual mobility capability
  • Manipulator arm with 7 degrees of freedom
  • JAUS ( Joint Architecture for Unmanned System) software operating system
  • Multi-mission tool/sensor mounts with plug and play capabilities
  • Rotation: grip rotation – continuous 360°
  • On screen graphics showing vehicle orientation, feedback from on-board sensors and errors and failures of joints

Datasheet: ANDROS F6


  • New manipulator design with all internal components provides superior capability, in a quick release, versatile package
  • State of the art diagnostics and troubleshooting including on-board diagnostics LCD screen
  • Quick-release articulators provide unmatched stair climbing & mobility, or can be removed for narrow spaces.
  • Quick release pan and tilt can be removed with a twist of the wrist for low clearance areas.
  • Optional tazer and thermal imager
  • Integrated 1W or 5W radio for clear audio and video
  • Picatinny rails for sensor & payload attachment

Datasheet: ANDROS Titus

HD Series

  • Grip rotation 360°
  • Common, modular electronics with JAUS (Joint Architecture for Unmanned System) compliant software
  • Moulded front-drive range integrates microphone, speaker, drive camera, firing circuits and LED lighting
  • Quick release lithium polymer battery
  • New manipulator options with 6 degrees of freedom and quick release gripper/tool system

Datasheet: ANDROS HD