Capabilities include Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile, Automated Field Reporting (AFR), Map, Law Enforcement records management System (RMS) and Fire RMS. Describing each in turn:

  • CAD:  Features include Microsoft .NET client architecture, More consistent functionality due to fewer forms increase in speed in execution of commands
  • MOBILE:  The application interface between the command centre and the field units provides ease of use in accessing data and unit statusing
  • AFR:  An automated field reporting package that enables law enforcement units to complete reports quickly and accurately, thus increasing their time in the field
  • MAP:  The mapping application designed for real-time command and control situations supporting Automatic Vehicle Routing and Recommendation (AVRR)/ Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Law Enforcement RMS:  A law enforcement records management system utilising the latest in technology to get information into and out of the system to assist in better decision making
  • Fire RMS: A fire records management system that provides ease of use in collecting, sorting, and managing data for fire reports, inspections, and NFIRS reporting. CommandPoint is much more than an integrated first responder application suite

Datasheet: CommandPoint