• Improved range and video quality up to 1km with fully secured digital wireless communication
  • Arm Speed, Terrain Mobility over x4 faster than other UGVs up to 12 (kph) Kerb climb 0.3 (m)
  • Stair Climb 37°, Gap Cross 0.5 (m), Self-righting capability, Pitch and roll sensors along with Load cells provide auto stability system
  • Tool rack with Automatic tool change for 8 tools/weapons no need to return to control point for new tools.
  • 9 degrees of freedom modular arm – the most versatile capability in the world, can be exchanged for a heavy duty arm capable of lifting 100(kg) or handling large weapon shocks.
  • All cameras are colour and come with lighting this combined with onboard microphone give superb situational awareness.
  • Dedicated data channel for additional sensors (Ethernet speed), tested with multiple CBRN equipment deployment.
  • Environmentally suitable for all climates. -15°C to +60°C dust/rain, vibration, shock certificated, fording depth 0.3(m)

 Datasheet: CUTLASS