Cyber Overview

The world’s infrastructure increasingly depends on networked computer systems and organisations face the challenge of assuring the integrity of their network operations.

Adding too many network defence devices is expensive and risks making the system unusable for its intended purpose.  It also adds complexity, additional support costs, and opens the door to configuration errors with the very real possibility of leaving the system less secure than before.  Similarly, when fixing vulnerabilities it is important to ensure the cure does not break essential system functionality and that the system contains fewer exploitable bugs than before the fix was applied.  A key consideration for a network owner is understanding at which point a system is secure enough.

A cyber range provides this understanding and has many advantages over traditional networking testing methods (such as penetration testing), chief of which is the ability to safely stress test a network under realistic conditions of traffic loading and malware without damage or disruption to the live network. The FCR also enables the testing of different mitigation strategies to determine the optimal balance between cost and mitigation.

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