• Strategic to Tactical Command and Control with flexible architecture for all C4I system requirements
  • Robust,¬†battle proven capabilities, supporting J1 to J9 staff instructions
  • Interoperability between principle allied/coalition force systems
  • Shared understanding across the military enterprise, leading to rapid and consistent decision making
  • Embedded simulation and training within I-JOCCS allows for individual and coalition training for operators at both fixed and deployed systems.
  • Our fully air deployable operational command system is able to provide joint command to all the capabilities needed for out of area operations whilst still operating in challenging climates
  • Maintenance of the integrity of the national borders, including the protection of the National interests in adjacent maritime areas (Exclusive Economic Zone – EEZ)
  • Enhanced capability to counter terrorism or other insurgent forces
  • Co-operation with other nations in humanitarian missions and support regional stability

Datasheet: I-JOCCS