The system offers a scalable, flexible, secure, reliable, user-friendly solution that meets the demands of networked command, control and situational awareness.

  • Scalable: I-TaCCS based systems represent a scalable solution from the dismounted soldier up to the permanent command centre, providing comprehensive data and voice solutions at all levels.  Filters, guards and dispatch mechanism can be provided to address security and data volumes across the network.
  • Flexible: The system supports a range of platforms, from hand held computers, through rugged tablets to desktop computers, providing an effective form factor for all levels of command.  Operating over a variety of deployed communications networks, it is suitable for a wide range of operational scenarios.
  • Secure: The system is designed and built with security as a principal requirement, both on the deployed platform and throughout the communications stack.
  • Reliable: In operational use with UK, US, NATO and allied nations and coalitions, it provides a robust solution that has been tested in combat conditions.  I-TaCCS is based on the combat proven C2PC technology family.
  • User Friendly: I-TaCCS offer familiar mobile and desktop user interfaces, minimising training requirements

Datasheet: I-TaCCS