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PC Games - The Best of April 2020

PC games
Video games are released each month for the various platforms currently available (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC) and it is not always easy to extricate yourself in this market so full of titles. From this need comes our selection of the best PC games currently available online and in physical stores to help you choose. The list will be updated every month with new arrivals worthy of your attention.

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Given the crowding of games coming out every month, for our list of the best PC games we decided to select only titles we reviewed on SmartWorld which, however, managed to obtain marks equal to or greater than 8 out of 10, or in any case video games whose quality is recognized both by the general public and by the specialized press. For each game in the updated list (April 2020) we offer you a quick overview of what it offers, direct links to our reviews and links to purchase on sales channels such as Amazon, ePRICE, Steam and Microsoft Store.

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The games are grouped below by genre. If you still have doubts about which title to buy, we are waiting for you in the comments section at the end of the article or on our Facebook group.

PC Outgoing Games
To find out what games are coming in the next months on PC, take a look at our dedicated article, you can find it linked in the title of this paragraph. In the article we report the main video games coming out in the months to be ordered chronologically. Thanks to a series of buttons that you can find at the beginning of the article, you can select the platform for which you want to see the games coming out and also the specific month you want to consult.

What are the best PC games?

The comment space is obviously open to any suggestion or your comment: we are pleased to discuss with you which titles can best suit your tastes. But now we leave you with our list of the best PC games divided by genre. We will update this list every month with the best news.

DOOM Eternal

The King of the FPS is back, even more brutal, even faster, even more punitive, even more METAL ! DOOM Eternal puts into play new and revisited dynamics compared to the 2016 version, while at the same time trying to give a sense of continuity to the story and proposing new challenges that are even more demanding. On PC it is even more satisfying.

Half-Life: Alyx

Usually we don't talk about VR games on this page, but Half-Life: Alyx deserves a special mention. The new chapter of the famous Valve series is only available to owners of PC virtual reality headsets. Well, if you have one ... buy it! If you don't have a viewer and have always thought about buying, this could be the right time.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

A bit of an action game, a bit of a fighting game (even if simplified) and a bit of a role-playing game. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Bandai Namco's new effort, is perfect for all fans of the first and last hour Akira Toriyama series. It is not perfect, given also the "poverty" of the RPG mechanics, but it is easily forgiven given the epic nature of the Z series and its making us relive all the key events of the same.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Finally Red Dead Redemption 2 has also landed on PC, not without some basic problems. Let's say you must have a nice powerful device to make it run properly, and for the moment there is still patience because Rockstar Games is still releasing patches with fixes of various kinds to optimize the gaming experience as much as possible. The title in itself is a unique masterpiece.

Borderlands 3

For the review for the note we enjoyed it right on PC. Borderlands 3, as well as its successors, is an action-packed, violent, rough, vulgar first-person Action RPG. In short, it's impossible not to love him! And this year the developers propose a chapter that incorporates the basic mechanics of the series by expanding them, improving them and projecting everything into various worlds always made in cel-shading.

Gears 5

The new Microsoft exclusive obviously lands on PC too. A breaking chapter, not in the formula but in the characters, in the known, in the plot and in part also in the evolution of the game world. Gears 5 will welcome you with an excellent campaign that perhaps, with a few more tricks, could make it ranked first in the podium of the best Gears of War.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes offers a fantastic mixture of genres that focuses on cooperation between players. The role of the role is very accurate, as well as the artistic direction and the variety of settings, enemies and bosses. Sometimes the challenge becomes very demanding (maybe even too much?) But there are players who are looking for such experiences.

The Crew 2

Let's get our hands on: it's not a perfect game. It absolutely does not want to be a simulator, as much as an open world arcade that offers an extreme degree of freedom to the player. We also expect it to improve a lot over time thanks to Ubisoft updates. Having said that, before considering the purchase, read our review.

Resident Evil 7 + DLC

The recent launch of two new DLCs (quite relevant to the story) and the arrival of the Gold Edition offer us an additional excuse to buy Resident Evil 7, the new chapter in Capcom's survival horror saga that shifts its first-person view .


It's easy to mistake it for a Dark Souls clone. In reality NiOh is a title that has its own identity and game dynamics. The main storyline offers quite a lot of hours of gameplay, and to make matters worse there are also some excellent additional DLCs.


A videogame pearl that unfortunately went a little unnoticed. Prey is an experience that includes various genres in the game mechanics, including RPG, action, shooter and survival horror. The event theater space station is an incredible maze in which to get lost and terrified.


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