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Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry

To obtain and maintain the health of the teeth of the little ones over time, it is necessary to start teaching correct oral hygiene immediately and take care of your mouth. In addition to preserving the integrity of the gums, bones and milk teeth, even if the latter are destined to fall and be replaced by permanent ones.
The Odontoprostesi Buenos Ayres medical and dental center also has a team of children's dentists, made up of dentists specializing in Pediatric Dentistry in Milan and children's orthodontics.

The structure is affiliated with the ASL, so as to be able to offer children and young people up to 14 years the exemption from paying the ticket.

Therefore, young patients can take advantage of free treatments regarding conservative dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery and periodontology.

In addition, the recent and constant developments in pediatric and child dentistry have improved the technical knowledge of specialists in pediatric dentistry for children, managing to have complete control of the situation of the teeth from an early age.

Dental care for children
Taking care of your teeth is essential from an early age, to avoid annoying adult pathologies.

Often, as children, we exceed in the consumption of sweets and candies: this abuse can lead to a picture of a tooth discomfort, due to the formation of caries.

Pediatric pediatric dentistry, by definition, deals with the care of teeth in children; the first ally of dental health is prevention, which includes correct daily oral hygiene, fluoroprophylaxis, sealing of dental grooves.

The orthodontic techniques for children also allow to monitor the natural and biological development of the teeth, the correct growth, the change of the teeth and also to identify any malfunctions of the chewing muscles and the anomalies of the alignment of the teeth.

Why rely on a pediatric dentist?
Over the years our. Milan dental practice has gained extensive experience in pediatric dentistry, and is committed to developing innovative approaches to oral hygiene and dental care, preventing children from being intimidated with a peaceful and friendly environment.

The pedodontists of the study follow the development of the child's teeth from the early years:

checking the fall of milk teeth;
checking the ticking of the definitive dentition;
correcting defects and anomalies ever since.
In this way it is possible to avoid pathologies and problems that can worsen over time.

Book a dental visit for children
By booking your first visit to the Dental Center you will have taken your first and fundamental step. Already in the first visit you will discover an innovative and dedicated environment for children and our staff will provide you with many useful tips to develop correct oral hygiene habits that will last forever. You can book your visit without obligation, it is free up to 3 years of agè at the children's dentist Odontoprosthesis! To make an appointment, simply contact the center:


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