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tamilrockers English romance movies

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The 4 new websites (2020) to watch or download free movies

The cinematographic world is one of the most important in the entertainment category, being one of the best options for many people when looking for an activity with which to entertain, relax and enjoy, either after a long day or simply for the opportunity to a free time in which to enter the wonderful universe of cinema.
That is why I bring this post where I will provide you with some of the web pages just out of the oven where you can watch or download free movies, which look good and look promising.
On many occasions after an arduous search on the internet we did not find what we are specifically looking for, so I bring you some web pages that you can try and give your own assessment. Here is the list!

List of New Movie Pages

This page has excellent content quality and variety. Here you can find the latest releases that you may not find on other pages, these are in the "NEW MOVIES" section. Encouraging knowledge of news, which is always interesting to know.

The website also features a recommended section where you can find very good and valued movies! They only have the online reproduction of these films, at the moment they do not have a download section, but hopefully they will include it in the next updates.

In the same way it is a lot to ask a relatively new page so there is nothing to belittle this page it has an excellent look and support !.

When entering this page we can notice the excellent quality of the content they have and the outstanding films of the moment in Spanish, Latin, Spanish and Subtitled, although they focus more on Spanish-Latin audio, they do not belittle lovers of SUB-ESP. This page has the most recent film premieres.

I definitely recommend it, despite having just 2 weeks online you can see the commitment that movies carry and upload daily to update their movie database.

It has a nice menu where you can find the premieres of  2019, 2020, 2018, 2017, 2016. Etc. A very nice page to look at with a night theme that highlights the movies! They use nice servers like ............ one of the most used at the moment.

Although at the moment they do not count tv series and downloads, we had the opportunity to contact them and in less than 24 hours they responded to us and made us know that they are planning to load them in a "second phase" where they plan to innovate and leave many speechless. .

A website with an excellent design, beautiful and above all functional that is based on the theme and its name in Torrent, however, it has the option of viewing these ONLINE, in which you can not only find movies, but also TV series ! In excellent quality as HDRIP and HDTV, without a doubt an excellent option when downloading by Torrent as well as when viewing them online.
It has a language filter in the upper left, where you can filter by Spanish, Latin, Spanish or Subtitled.

This page could not be out of the list because, who in many occasions has not searched for hours and hours, movies to download on ............. servers? I think the vast majority, including myself.

Well this is a web page that focuses on that a great option when downloading by mega so well here I leave it! It has a lot of content. They can come in and take a look at it.
If you are a person who likes to enjoy the cinematographic world from the comfort of your home, this post will surely be of much use to you, it never hurts to try new alternatives. Or if you are one of the people who is attached to what it is to enjoy in movie theaters, with the typical smell of popcorn with high resolution screens it does not mean that enjoying a movie from your home is a lost case.

Be that as it may, we hope that this post will awaken in you a great interest in tasting some worthwhile feature film.

How to eliminate piracy?
Today, all digital content is susceptible to piracy. Just go to the Internet and search for any book. If you have the ...

Today, all digital content is susceptible to piracy. Just go to the Internet and search for any book. If you have enough time, you will probably find a digital version - for free - of the book you are looking for and for which you do not want (for whatever reason) to pay for it.

Music is a good example of digital content that has been hacked to the point. The fault lies in the MP3 format and the speed of the Internet, which allows music to be exchanged very easily today. Clearly, the schemes, such as DRM, to protect these contents from illegal copies, are not functional because almost immediately there is no shortage of people who can figure out how to remove the protection and that's it, digital content is accessible to anyone who wants it.

The problem is not today, but forever. For example, protection schemes for computer programs, in the 1980s, peaked with the Apple II. Being a very popular computer, where many people made programs, indiscriminate illegal copying started. So the software authors applied to create protection schemes.

The original records were then uncopyable ... for a time. Then programs came out to copy anything even if it was protected. And on the grounds that all software holders have the right to make protection copies, this copier software did not violate any law.

And so the software authors made more sophisticated schemes, but the authors of software copy programs did even more sophisticated things. Come on, there was even a program called Locksmith (locksmith in English), which had a programming language to read tracks and sectors, with routines to copy what seemed uncopyable.

Today things have changed. Thanks again to the Internet, programs no longer come on physical media. Now they are distributed via web pages, which gives permission to those who buy the program to download and run it. Adobe, for example, has implemented an idea that could be working for them: instead of selling a program for $ 400 or $ 500, what they do is sell the monthly subscription of their software for about $ 30 a month.

Thus, the software is only paid when you need to use it and also, the company guarantees that users will always be using the latest version of it. I don't know if it works for them but clearly, the idea is a paradigm shift when it comes to selling software.

But why can't piracy be controlled? The answer is simple: most of the content is already in electronic format, in zeros and ones, and these can be copied with an enormous number of tools that do this task automatically and with 100% fidelity.

Considering this, it is a lie that copying a DVD with the fashionable film is going to ruin your DVD player as those affected by it have always said. The reality is that the copy is literally identical to the original, and these arguments, bordering on naivety (assuming someone will believe them), collide with the reality that piracy does not go down.

The solution then is to change the current business model, which has already given way. This is what the record industry has not wanted to understand. He wants to keep earning the millions that they earned, but he can't anymore. The model is simple: instead of selling a product for a thousand pesos, we sell a thousand units for a weight.

What will be easier? Surely the second. Apple, for example, in its App Store model, caused the software to drop radically in price. Yes, it is phone software but that does not mean it is easier to program. On the contrary, now you have to take a new number of situations and limitations, for example, the size of the screen to start.

Still, you can get great pieces of software (think Waze), which are free and live on ads. And the programs that one pays for usually cost 1/5 of what they cost for the PC. For example, a very strong chess program, Hiarcs, costs about $ 10 for Android or iOS, while for PC it costs about $ 50 and they both play at the same level.

Apple with this scheme eliminated hacking. I don't know anyone who tells me: "I have this program on my phone, let me see how I pass it to you so that you can use it on yours." No, what we say is "I have this program on my phone. You can buy it and download it to your phone. It costs like 40 pesos ”.

To eliminate piracy, it is not necessary to create digital content protection schemes. What is needed is to change the sales model instead of wanting to perpetuate profits that are simply no longer possible today.

For example, e-books are sold on Amazon at more or less half the cost of the physical book (to which must be added the cost of shipping). Why? What are the costs associated with digital books? Virtually zero. Why not price them 10% of the cost of the paper book? This could cause sales to go up. Clearly, people are willing to pay if they find digital content at a fair (and low) price. The problem is that in reality this is not to be done.

And back to the movie on DVD. I can buy the original, in its nice box, for about 200 pesos perhaps. With the pirate on the corner the same movie costs me 10 pesos. Yes, it does not come in its nice box, it does not have the original cover, but what matters is the content. Why are you buying from the pirate? Why do you want to do the wrong thing to the store that sells the original? I don `t believe. It is a question of economy: if I can pay for a content a fraction of the cost of the original, why not?


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