C2PC Tactical

C2PC tactical
  • Tactical Command and Control Personal Computer (C2PC Tactical) is a variant of Northrop Grumman’s C2PC product, developed in close cooperation with combat experienced Special Forces and armoured soldiers. C2PC Tactical provides a soldier-focused, easy to train-and-use interface to the extensive capabilities of the operationally proven and fielded C2PC product.
  • Touch screen or bezel button interface allows use in a wide range of tactical environments from light vehicles to tanks and boats
  • Coupled with a digital radio bearer, provides fast, efficient two-way passage of Intel, SA, orders and tracking between deployed troops and commanders
  • Minimizes burden on operator, accelerating reporting speed and accuracy of enemy and friendly situation
  • Improved SA via integration of video downlinks and surveillance cameras
  • Direct communication with VMF-equipped units and platforms
  • Increased effectiveness of radio communications by reduction of in-voice net traffic

Datasheet: C2PC Tactical