VoiP in Air Traffic Management takes off in Iceland

Vienna, October 2010

On the morning of the 9th of September an Icelandair Boeing 757 took off from Keflavik airport towards Stockholm Arlanda airport for a routine flight. Meanwhile a second flight departed from Reykjavik bound for Egilsstaðir. But these flights had a special additional mission when the pilots started communicating with the air traffic controller. ISAVIA, the Icelandic Air Navigation Service Provider, Frequentis and Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems have established the worlds first live VoIP controller to pilot communication based on the EUROCAE Working Group 67 standards.

ISAVIA, Frequentis and Park Air Systems have commonly designed a trial to prove the operational use of EUROCAE Working Group 67 standards in live use. The trial has been built around the use of Frequentis’ VCX-IP Technologies and Park Air T6 Radio equipment. An IP network between the voice communication system and the radio equipment was put in place to test interoperability between the new IP equipment as well as with the existing radio infrastructure.

This was well proven by including tests for automatic best signal selection between receivers using both the existing as well as the VoIP infrastructure. Voice quality was continuously monitored by both the controllers and pilots, and perceived as of excellent quality. During the trial network measurements were conducted by ISAVIA to gain valuable knowledge about the performance of safety critical VoIP in operational use.

The trial has proven to be yet another big step forward in the use of VoIP in ATM and the underlines the practical application of EUROCAE Working Group 67 standards for VoIP in ATM. All parties are very enthusiastic about the results and would especially like to thank Icelandair and Air Iceland for their valuable support from the air.

ISAVIA handles  all air navigation services provided by Iceland including an extensive responsibility for international services in the North Atlantic. ISAVIA also has responsibility for the operation and development of all airports in Iceland. ISAVIA conducts flight calibrations in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland and undertakes diverse support tasks, such as the development of Pristina Airport and ATM services in Kosovo. ISAVIA is completely state-owned and has a staff of 750 serving in all parts of the country.

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